Beauty Thru Health Specializes In Laser and RF Procedures

Beauty Thru Health uses a variety of lasers to help you achieve a youthful look without the downtime and expense of costly surgery.
Lasers work by producing a coherent beam of light at one particular wavelength. Each wavelength is uniquely absorbed by a specific target such as brown pigment, blood vessels, or water in skin cells. The laser beam can be varied in its intensity and pulse duration as needed for a particular condition.
Our practice is a comprehensive state-of-the-art center for laser surgery. It is important to select a surgeon with strong laser expertise since results are often technique-sensitive. Dr. Wiley was one of the first laser surgeons, not only in Oklahoma - but in the entire country. He has performed laser procedures since 1982, and was initially trained by Leon Goldman who is considered the "father of laser medicine and surgery."  During your initial consultation, Dr. Wiley will carefully evaluate your individual condition and suggest the appropriate type of laser to achieve the desired results.
Facial Rejuvenation Laser Procedures
As we age, the effects of time and the environment take their toll on our skin causing fine lines, enlarged pores, deep wrinkles, and surface irregularities. Non-ablative and fractional lasers are designed to gently combat the effects of aging and loss of collagen. Both laser technologies deliver laser energy into the deep layers of the skin. Collagen production is gradually increased, improving wrinkles and tightening sagging skin by plumping it up from below. Because it takes time for collagen to grow, a series of at least 4 to 6 treatments is recommended, depending on your individual skin type and degree of photoaging. Best results are achieved with full face treatments, but we are able to spot treat individualized areas such as the crow's feet or vertical lip lines if you wish. Maintenance programs are available to retard the effects of further aging after your initial series.
Global facial rejuvenation also addresses specific concerns such as brown spots, broken capillaries, wrinkles from dynamic facial muscles, and overall volume loss. Brown spots can be treated with either chemical peels or lasers that target pigment. Broken capillaries are treated with lasers targeting blood vessels. Folds and wrinkles caused by repeated contractions of certain muscles and loss of facial fat can be smoothed with injectables such as Botox/Dysport and a wide variety of dermal fillers depending on your particular case.  During your consultation we will work with your individual concerns, lifestyle factors, and skincare budget to develop a comprehensive plan to help you look and feel your best. 
Acne Treatments
Isolaz and PhotoDyname Therapy are a wonderful options for acne patients who do not want to take long-term antibiotics or who still break out despite aggressive antibiotic therapy. Lasers work by targeting the oil gland and by distroying acne bacteria. They also stimulate the growth of collagen so acne scars can be improved at the same time the acne is being treated. Treatments take about 20-30 minutes and are performed every 2 to 4 weeks for a total of 4 to 6 sessions. Studies show patients achieve an average 80% reduction in their acne after four sessions. To maintain results, touch-up appointments are scheduled every 4 to 6 months.  Patients with oily skin may note a decrease in oil production after several treatments.
Melasma, Age Spots & Surface Irregularities
Brown spots on the skin can be caused by a variety of conditions including birthmarks, sun exposure, melasma and aging. Lasers and other therapeutic agents can be used to treat all of these conditions by targeting cells that contain pigment. Small brown spots such as age spots on the face or backs of the hands, diffuse brown spots such as freckles on the chest or arms, and flat birthmarks on the face or body all respond well to laser treatment. Removal is permanent, but new spots may develop as you continue to age. Periodic touch-ups can be done.  Melasma can be a difficult condition to treat as there is no permanent cure and no two patients respond to therapy in exactly the same way. Our center is a specialty referral clinic for resistant and hard-to-treat cases of melasma. We often have patients who travel long distances for treatment ranging from aggressive skin bleaching protocols to lasers and chemical peels. Once clear, long term maintenance therapy is almost always required so that hyperpigmentation does not return. Other types of pigmentation such as dark circles under the eyes and darkening of the skin due to inflammation can normally be improved with a combination of agents depending on the individual case. 
Skin Tightening / Body Contouring / Cellulite Reduction
Our innovative skin-tightening system that can add contour to your face and neck while taking years off your appearance. It is ideal for our busy clients because it requires no downtime and no anesthesia—not even an ibuprofen. Body contouring uses radio frequency to deliver deep, thermal heat to the eye, cheek, jowl and neck areas - it can also be used on the thighs, back, buttocks, tummy and arms. This causes the cell-producing connective tissue to remodel the collagen and tighten the skin. In as few as four treatments, skin appears tighter and curves appear more contoured. Each treatment takes about 30 minutes and the number of sessions depends on the size of the area to be treated. Cellulite laser reduction therapy works to minimize the appearance of cellulite, strengthens skin tone, firms collagen fibers and promotes weight loss and reduction in inches in the areas focused on during treatment. The laser detoxifies fat cells (fat cells dump cellular waste making them smaller in size) and assists in the body's natural dumping process of toxic fluid in the interstitial spaces between these fat cells. By affecting this deeper layer, we are able to strengthen elastin fibers of the sink and shrink the fat cells and eliminate toxic fluids so that skin returns to its normal resurfaced appearance.
Laser Hair Removal
Laser hair removal provides the ultimate solution for unwanted hair. It works because lasers are able to target melanin in the hair follicle, disabling it from further growth and putting an end to routine shaving, irritation and waxing. The skin is left looking and feeling smoother, softer and silkier. Our laser removes hair in both light and dark skinned individuals. The most popular areas for women are the underarms, bikini, legs, arms, and face, although any area can be treated from the tops of the toes to sensitive areas such as the breast or Brazilian bikini. The most popular areas for men are the back, chest, buttocks and grooming of the pubic region. Other areas that can be treated are the front of the neck for those with persistent razor burn or for athletes prone to ingrown hairs from helmets, the back of the neck for a clean, well-groomed look between trips to the barber, the ears, and the area between the eyebrows. Patients will usually want 6 - 12 sessions to eliminate new growth.
Tattoo Removal
Almost any type of tattoo, including permanent makeup, can be safely and effectively removed with laser treatments. Lasers work because different wavelengths of light are able to target different colors of tattoo ink. When the tattoo particles absorb the laser energy, they are broken up into tiny fragments which are carried away by the body's natural cleansing process. Black ink is the easiest to remove, while red and orange are more difficult. Yellow ink is the most difficult. The number of treatments for maximum improvement varies according to the location, age, depth and color of your tattoo. A general ballpark is 8 to 16 sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart for a heavily pigmented professional tattoo. Amateur tattoos can take fewer sessions. New tattoos that are less than five years old tend to be more resistant to treatment than older tattoos and may not be able to be significantly lightened.