Dermatologic Surgery


Dermatologic Surgery Can Relieve Pain
And Protect Your Health

If you are struggling with skin growths such as moles, cysts, keloids, or precancerous lesions, Dr. Clarence Wiley, Sr. may recommend dermatologic surgery to protect your longterm health. At Beauty thru Health Dermatology, P.C., in Oklahoma City we can perform, safe, effective treatments, tailored to your needs, usually in our office. While we always strive to implement minimally invasive techniques, sometimes surgery is the best option to adequately address skin irregularities. Over the past 39 years, Dr. Wiley has performed thousands of surgical procedures on patients with diverse needs and conditions. As a result, you can feel confident that you will receive the highest quality care and consideration throughout your treatment.

When Should I Consider Dermatologic Surgery? 

There are several signs that indicate dermatological surgery may be necessary to preserve your health, including:


Change in shape or border



If you are concerned about a growth or skin irregularity, Dr. Wiley will thoroughly evaluate your skin during a consultation and determine whether you are a candidate for dermatologic surgery.

Services We Provide

Depending on the stage of your condition, Dr. Wiley may recommend surgical excision of cysts, moles, keloids, or precancerous lesions. During surgery, our team takes great care to reduce the impact on surrounding tissue and minimize scarring. To ensure your comfort during treatment, we may also provide a local anesthetic or recommend oral medication.

While we always strive to implement minimally invasive techniques, sometimes surgery is the best option to adequately address skin irregularities. 

Precancerous Lesion Removal 

To prevent cancerous cells from forming, Dr. Wiley may recommend removing pre-cancerous lumps and bumps. Traditional methods involving cryosurgery (freezing) or curette can be used to treat precancerous skin conditions. Additionally, topical chemo destruction may be used for maximum results.

Cyst Removal

While most cysts are harmless, they can be painful. If left untreated, a cyst can become infected, may burst and reform which can cause scarring and more infection. During your appointment, Dr. Wiley can evaluate your condition and diagnose a cyst by its appearance. For smaller, less developed cysts, we can make a small incision to extract the affected tissue. However, larger cysts may require a more extensive surgical procedure.

Mole Removal 

If you have an atypical mole that has changed over time, you should bring it to our attention as soon as possible. Moles that are dark, inflamed, or have an irregular shape, color, or border should be evaluated. If necessary, we can perform a biopsy to determine whether or not the mole is cancerous.When determining the proper course of action, we will take into account the size and depth of the mole. 

Keloid Treatment 

If you have excessive scar tissue that is causing you discomfort, and/or psychological concern, you may be a candidate for scar therapy treatment. Depending upon your unique needs, we may recommend therapy from applied scar therapy gels, creams or tapes, intralesional steroid injections, or surgical excision to address keloids.

Dermatological Services by Dr. Wiley 

With extensive training and decades of experience, Dr. Wiley can effectively treat patients with diverse skin care needs. As we are committed to helping our patients achieve healthy, beautiful skin, we use only the latest and safest technology and techniques during treatment. If you are concerned about a skin irregularity, contact us online or call (405) 278-7911 to schedule an evaluation.